What to Sell on Amazon FBA?

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New year, new quarters, and new eCommerce opportunities. It’ s a chance to delight users, to re-evaluate what to sell on Amazon FBA, and to develop year-long relationships.

True, sales may be slowing down now compared to the holiday season. But if you play your cards right, you’ll get a loyal, returning customer all year long.

Now, this seems like a simple task on paper. But the execution takes a bit of work.

First off, you should ask yourself:

  1. What are the best products to sell during these times?
  2. How can you find the best offers for your client base?
  3. Also, which is the best way to secure fast deliveries, and stellar customer service?

Luckily, we’re here to help you answer these questions.

Let’s start off with the third solution: Amazon FBA.


What is Amazon FBA?


If you are set on leaving your mark in Q1, then let Amazon take care of your product storage and delivery. That’s what Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is all about.

The retail giant launched FBA in 2006 as an all-in-one solution for sellers. The program allows sellers to take full advantage of Amazon’s logistic machinery.

Here are the key features of Amazon FBA:

  • Item storage. Amazon sets up space in their massive warehouses for your products. The marketplace also distributes items across fulfillment centers to reduce delivery times.
  • Delivery management. Every order is picked, packed and shipped by Amazon staff. You just need to worry about keeping healthy stock levels.
  • 24/7 customer service. The marketplace provides tracking data to customers. It will also respond to buyer’s questions, and request reviews and ratings. 

Amazon is always investing resources to refine FBA. For example, the program features the following perks:

  • High search ranks. The A9 algorithm favors FBA offers in the marketplace. So, sellers increase product visibility, and improve their chance to win the buy box.
  • Dispatch priority. Amazon stakes its own name on making fast deliveries. That means FBA orders enjoy faster shipping than independent retailers.
  • Multichannel delivery. Brands can sell products off-Amazon, and still make deliveries using FBA.
  • Amazon Prime. FBA enrollment qualifies products for Amazon Prime benefits, such as free 2-day delivery.

Nowadays, most customers don’t realize their products are sent through Amazon FBA. There’s no better way to vouch for FBA’s success.

Thus, FBA sellers can focus on driving sales and making revenue. The marketplace can deal with the rest.



Best Products to Sell on Amazon FBA

You can’t succeed in FBA without offering great products to customers. So, let’s review what to sell on Amazon FBA for best results.

Most Amazon categories enjoy steady sales the whole year. But there are some products that stand out during different seasons.

Here are the most profitable items on Amazon during Q1.


Sports and Outdoors

Sports and Outdoors category on Amazon

Q1 is a great time to sell fitness apparel. Most of us want to start working out during the spring. That makes sports equipment a high seller during Q1.

Sports and Outdoors is a wide category, with lots of potential offers. For example, weights and pull-up bars, or gear for team sports.

If you’re looking for a gateway into clothing sales, consider investing in fitness apparel. Go for running shoes, swimming equipment, or team sport gear.


Home and Kitchen

Due to the pandemic, millions are spending more time at home. And many have found new hobbies while on lockdown, such as baking and gardening.

That’s why Amazon’s seen a steady rise in home and kitchen products over the past years. Customers demand items such as cooking supplies and plant care tools.

Help people take care of their home with the tools they need. Spring is a time for renovation and new projects, after all.

Gardeners would love new flower pots and organic fertilizers. At-home chefs could use brand new sets of pans and knives.


Pet Supplies

pet supplies amazon

The COVID-19 pandemic also caused a steady rise in pet ownership. In fact, pet owners increased by 10% as of December 2020, according to Statista.

These new family members require specialized products to be kept happy and healthy. So, brands should consider supplying pet products to new owners.

Cat and dog related items are the first go-to choice for sellers. But there are many other pets that you could cater to. For example, aquarium maintenance equipment for fish owners.

This is a highly competitive category. Therefore, it’s crucial to find a niche audience to take a real slice in the pet supplies market.


Health and Personal Care

health and personal care amazon


The health and beauty industry is thriving. Many consumers are adopting new health and beauty routines.

New year is also a perfect time to start new self-care routines. And there are several products out there to help people reach their personal wellness goals.

It’s a clear opportunity for Amazon sellers who want to compete in this category. A few best-selling health and beauty items are the following:

  • Home massage devices
  • Essential oils
  • Make-up bags and cases.
  • Skin and hair care products.


Another great perk of such products is that they provide an opportunity for steady sales. Happy customers will return on a regular basis to buy the product again.

Strive to sell high-quality beauty items, while offering stellar customer service. This may be the key to a steady source of revenue in Q1.


Find the Best Products to Sell on Amazon FBA

What if your business does not sell any of the items above? Then, it’s crucial to find your niche items on Amazon.

The trick is to find high-demand, low-competing products. Cater the search to what you know. For example, your customer persona and best-selling categories.

Here are a few guidelines to conduct an effective product search: 


Follow the data

Investigate quality, rating, and niche audiences. For example, 3- to 4-star ratings point to a well-regarded product.

Also go for niche items. That means selling items aimed at targeted buyers. Such items tend to enjoy steady sales from returning customers.


Narrow it down

Don’t rush in to buy the first product you see. Track a few items’ performance for a few days or weeks. 

Yes, it’s a slow process. However, this approach will detect any crucial selling spikes on each product. That way, you can discard the most volatile offers to protect your long-term sales.


Smart storage

It’s best to stock up on products that sell all year round. In such cases, try to keep about 300 units per month. That would amount to 10 daily sales on high-selling products.

Of course, seasonal products may require less inventory space. You can’t sell them for the whole year. So, plan for a seasonal supply.

And if any stock remains unsold, call it back to prevent excess inventory fees.


Use easily available external resources

Product research software like Helium 10 and Jungle Scout are thriving right now. These apps are designed to take data from the marketplace to help sellers make better business decisions.

The most effective suites can deliver accurate sales ranks, price history, and ratings. But they can also go a bit further by calculating monthly sales and estimated profit margins.

Consider using such tools to stay ahead of the game. You’ll be able to plan great strategies for each yearly quarter, and stay at the top of Amazon sales.


Final Thoughts

Don’t miss out on your FBA benefits. Once you’re part of the program, you can concentrate on driving sales. Let Amazon take care of the storage and delivery!

But FBA is only one part of your success. It’s crucial that sellers know which are the best products to sell, and the time to do so.

Dive into the market and research current trends. For example, Q1 is a time for new beginnings. Customers look for products that’ll help them live a great year.



Esteban Muñoz Aguilar

Esteban Muñoz is an SEO copywriter at AMZ Advisers, with several years’ experience in digital marketing and e-commerce. Esteban and the AMZ Advisers team have been able to achieve incredible growth on the Amazon platform for their clients by optimizing and managing their accounts and creating in-depth content marketing strategies.


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