Global Expansion

The Global Expansion Program meticulously designed for products with high market potential, aiming to globally scale.

Who is this for?

Global Sales Accelerator Program

Program Benefits

Lower Monthly Fee

To ensure a lean business structure for your brand, we've kept our program fees as affordable as possible.

Direct Partnerships

All connections are made directly with our partners, enabling quicker problem-solving and more effective collaboration.

Vetted Partners

We only connect you with industry-best partners that have been vetted for their quality, experience, and value.

Efficient Communication

Effective communication is key to success in international markets. Our efficient systems ensure swift problem-solving and faster results.

Are You Ready for the Global Sales Accelerator Program?

To enter GSAP, you must first pass our Global Blueprint Development Program (GBDP). This is an 8-week program that includes a pre-screening assessment and subsequent phases for defining market opportunities, identifying go-to-market partnerships, and finalizing the blueprint for your product’s global strategy.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Your product should have great reviews (4.3 stars or higher)
  • It should be in the top 10% in terms of sales in your Amazon category or Top 50 in your Amazon category ranking
  • Your product should generate at least 50K monthly in traditional retail sales or off-Amazon online platforms.


Required to access global sales accelerator program

Global Blueprint Development Program

Pre-Screening Assestment

Before even getting started with this program. We have you fill out a form that qualifies your products for this program. The product should have great reviews (4.3 stars or higher), be top 10% in terms of sales in your Amazon category or Top 50 in your Amazon category ranking, or generates at least 50K monthly in traditional retail sales or off-Amazon online platforms.

From the list of selected products that pass our screening, we conduct in depth market research across all Amazon EU5 Marketplaces and present our findings for best product market fit in each country we assess. Our primary focus will be on EU5 scoring opportunity in each of the key markets in this region which include the UK, Germany, Spain, Italy & France..

We assess your company structure and identify the strategic marketplaces you need to be successful to operationally run a global brand. We have partnerships for strategic areas such as VAT Compliance, Import/Export experts, Customers Brokers, Logistics, Warehouse partnerships in UK & Mainland EU, Compliance partnerships, Market Specific Optimization, etc. We also assess your needs based on our internal team such as designers, PPC needs, inventory management, case management & promotional strategies.

We develop a strategy for your products using our proprietary King/Queen system and deliver a 1 year forecast in each marketplace for the hero products. This strategy outlines everything from start to finish on how to scale your product globally including market research, key strategic partnerships & connections, content strategy & SEO strategy in target marketplaces, forecasts, PPC strategy, inventory amounts, and listing setup requirements. We decide here based on the opportunity if we will move forward together in the Global Sales Accelerator Program.

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"Almost from Month One We Saw a Jump in Our Sales"

“They helped us to optimize all of our product listings, so we had a really nice increase in organic search and revenue. Their advertising, creative, and account teams are top notch. We have weekly meetings, and they are very proactive."
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"Working with AMZ is not just consulting, everything they have done with all of our product listings, all of our design, graphics, and advertising. I just can't say enough about all of their work."
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