Home and Kitchen: A Profitable Category on Amazon

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The Home and Kitchen market is expected to reach $500 million in value in 2023. But why has there been such a big demand for this industry in recent times? 

Due to inflation and the rising cost of living, more people are staying inside instead of going out. 44% of Americans meal prep instead of going out to restaurants. And since more Americans are embracing flexible work options, this leads to more people staying at home.

What do these figures mean for e-commerce store owners? There are many opportunities here. Selling home and kitchen products will satisfy the demands that more people are having, which include buying useful products that are also decorative. 

This is why Home and Kitchen is one of the most profitable product categories online. And to prove it, our analysis on the home and kitchen industry will show why Amazon sellers should enter this market.


Home and Kitchen Overview


As stated in the name, ‘Home and Kitchen’ refers to almost any item or appliance commonly used in the house or kitchen. These usually include appliances and gadgets, as well as any other product that promotes home care, decor, and comfort. In other words, any item that can function in the home or kitchen is in this category. 

Home and Kitchen is the top category for Amazon Sellers. Over 35% of brands sell Home and Kitchen appliances, according to JungleScout. But why is this a top-selling category on Amazon? 


Easy-to-think-of Product Ideas


How often have you been doing something around the house and struggled with the product you were using? And then, eureka! You think of an award-winning product idea that would solve all your problems.

The Home and Kitchen sector welcomes a lot of innovation. And since almost everyone has and uses items for the home and kitchen, you’ll have a better chance of finding a customer who will be interested in your genius idea!


Low Barrier to Entry


Amazon has many restricted categories where new sellers can’t enter from the get go. These include everything from collectibles to entertainment. Amazon must approve before you can sell in that niche.

Fortunately, Home and Kitchen isn’t a restricted category. This means there aren’t many barriers if you want to sell items in this niche.


Easy to Manufacture and Buy


If you plan to create the products that you’ll sell, some Home and Kitchen items are extremely easy to make, especially if you’re crafty. 

Artists can make prints, sculptures, and other decor items. Woodworkers can create anything from cutting boards to furniture. Other crafts, such as pottery, candles, and holiday ornaments, are also popular products in this category.

Even if you would rather sell wholesale products or own a dropshipping business, there are limitless Home and Kitchen options. One look at a typical manufacturing company’s website, and you’ll see items ranging from small appliances to artwork.


Few Industry Requirements


Certain industries, such as the food and health/supplement industries, have specific requirements from various governing agencies. For example, new food, drugs, and medications must be approved by the FDA in the U.S. before they’re marketed in commerce.

Such requirements don’t exist in the Home and Kitchen niche. Merchants also don’t have to worry about labeling requirements, such as expiration dates.

However, there are still best practices to follow, even without formal requirements. For example, if you use plastic in any of your products, make sure you don’t use BPA in any of them.


Home and Kitchen Product Popularity by Country


The Home and Kitchen sector may be popular in one country, but not so much in the next. So, in which countries should regional sellers add Home and Kitchen products to their inventory? 

  • Mexico is seeing the biggest growth here; the home appliance market in this region will grow by 12% by 2027.
  • The Household Appliance Market in the U.S. is expected to grow by 6.5% by 2030, According to U.S. appliance sales statistics.
  • The Household Appliance Market in Canada is expected to grow by 3.62% between now and 2028.
  • Kitchen and dining furniture is especially popular throughout Europe; this sector will grow by 3.65% between 2023 and 2027. The same market in the UK will grow by 1.26% in 2021-2026. 
  • The Household Appliances market is also experiencing substantial growth in Spain and France; it’s expected to grow 3.02% and 2.92%, respectively, between 2023-2028. 
  • In Germany, the Home Appliances market is worth USD 13 billion. Italy is right behind, generating USD 8.25 billion in revenue.


How to Know Which Home and Kitchen Products to Sell


As you can see, Home and Kitchen is a profitable category in many countries. Such intel can help you map out a new expansion strategy, if and when you choose to widen your reach. 

But it’s not enough to know the best territories to sell. You’ll also need to find the right products. 

From planters to food containers, Home and Kitchen comprises various items. So, how do you know which ones to sell?


Product Research


No matter what you’re selling, product research is always the first step in any selling strategy. During your research, you’ll want to do more than look up the bestsellers (though that’s also key, as we will explain later). 

See which products also appear best in organic Amazon searches. You can do this by researching keywords for different Home and Kitchen products.

Use a tool such as product opportunity explorer to gain insights into the full range of products offered in the Home and Kitchen niche.

You’ll want to also look at other factors, such as pricing. Consider the products that you want to sell, how much of an investment that would require, and if you would make your profit back. 

And don’t forget about Amazon FBA fees – use an Amazon FBA calculator if you’re unsure of the required rates.


Keep Up With Trends


Knowing consumer trends will help you know which items your target audience is demanding. Trends come and go, but some best practices always ring true. For example: 

  • The item should be easy to use and work in various settings – from large homes to small apartments. 
  • Your items shouldn’t only be time-saving but also fun to use.

There are some current trends that sellers should note.

More people are having at-home get-togethers due to inflation. This helps them maintain their savings while spending time with loved ones. Sellers should see this as a chance to offer products with a social appeal, such as cutlery in sets for easy hosting and entertaining at home. 

Many users are also looking for multi-use products to save money. For example, pottery can hold both food or liquid, as well as plants, or be used as decor.


Look at Best Sellers


Amazon also features a Best seller list that displays the most popular products in each category, including Home and Kitchen.

Amazon lists these products by sales data and how quickly items sell. The list is updated hourly, so you can check it regularly to find the most popular products in real time. 


See What Your Competitors Are Selling


Visit your competitors’ Amazon pages and see which items they’re selling. If they have any items in the Home and Kitchen niche that you’re not selling, add those items to your inventory.

You’ll also want to know which products are most successful and which are failing. You’ll have to use a competitor analysis to gather this data, but it’s worth it.


Kitchen Products to Sell


When selling kitchen products, sales aren’t the only factor to consider. You’ll want to sell convenient items that are in demand and trending. Plus, they shouldn’t be hard to make (or find from a third party), and should be small enough to ship.

Some examples include: 

  • Food containers
  • Toasters
  • Cutting boards
  • Cookie-cutters
  • Salad bowls
  • Knife sets
  • Cup and can holders
  • Salt and pepper shakers
  • Pottery

All of these products are in the evergreen category, meaning they’re always in demand. Plus, they’re all practical items that everyone needs in their kitchen.


Home Products to Sell


Home products are more versatile since they have different categories and needs. Some are only for decor, while others are for comfort. The best home products to sell on Amazon include:

  • Candles
  • Artwork
  • Small Furniture
  • Knick Knacks
  • Ornaments
  • Planters

You can make many of these products by hand, or find them through third-party wholesalers or dropshippers. Since these are small items, they don’t come with a huge investment.


Sell More Home and Kitchen Products on Amazon


Home and Kitchen are among the most profitable categories on Amazon. It has many items that you’ll commonly see in many homes, from candles to storage containers. These items are all useful, convenient, and can also look decorative.

That’s what makes this category so appealing to Amazon sellers. And even though this is a profitable niche, you’ll need the right strategy before selling these items.

This is where we come in. We’re a full-service e-commerce management company that can handle every aspect of your business, from SEO to inventory management. We offer different tools and resources to ensure you sell the best products.

Get started with our services today!



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