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As an e-commerce seller, it’s no surprise that Amazon is the place to be. In 2022, Amazon generated 514 billion USD in sales, making them the most popular eCommerce marketplace.

Even though most US shoppers start their search on Amazon, getting more traffic on Amazon isn’t as easy as it seems. As an eCommerce owner, you’ll need the right marketing strategy to conquer the competition and increase brand awareness.

Increase organic traffic on Amazon

When creating a marketing strategy, you may focus on increasing traffic on Amazon. Instead, brands should also focus on traffic outside of Amazon. Ecommerce stores should aim to reach all potential buyers–and not all of them will be on Amazon.


Why You Need to Drive Outside Traffic on Amazon


Ecommerce sales are expected to grow 10.4% this year, but not all will be on Amazon. Driving traffic outside of Amazon will expand your business, improving your visibility. 

Here are other benefits of driving traffic outside of Amazon.


Increases Amazon SEO Rankings


Believe it or not, driving outside traffic on Amazon will improve your SEO performance directly on the platform. 44% of people start their online shopping experience with a search engine query–whether on Amazon, Google, YouTube, or even social media platforms like TikTok. 

If users find your brand on Google or social media, there’s a chance their shopping experience will lead them to Amazon.

How do you improve your SEO outside Amazon? Create a separate landing page. Focus on the same core ranking factors, such as keywords, content, and high-quality images. 

Optimize your landing page for other eCommerce platforms such as Google Shopping. Landing pages are also better for tracking user demographics and data, plus collecting email addresses for newsletters, promotions, and coupon codes.

This way, your potential customers will have an easier time finding your brand and comparing your products to your competitors.


Improves Brand Awareness


When you have a distinguishable brand, your branding will sell itself. That’s because 50% of consumers are likelier to buy from a company whose logo they recognize

Brand awareness is vital because it’s one of the main aspects of your company that stands out from the competition. Unfortunately, Amazon has limited options in terms of representing your brand.

When you use other marketing platforms outside of Amazon, you can be creative. You can use captivating visuals in your web design, write content with a branded voice, and be as expressive as you want on social media.


Makes Your Store More Competitive


Amazon has around 9.7 million global sellers on its platform, so it can be difficult to stand out. Instead of battling to rank higher on Amazon’s SERPs, drive outside traffic on Amazon and draw them into your listings. 

This will save your business time and money, especially since you’re not relying on Amazon PPC. Some ways you can do this are by promoting your Amazon listings on social media, link building on your blog, and creating YouTube and TikTok videos.


Diversifies Your Customers


One of the key facts about Amazon that eCommerce stores must know is that you often don’t attract your customers on the platform. You’re actually generating traffic from Amazon’s customers. 

While this can still result in sales and growth, it’s best to diversify and attract your own traffic. In other words, use different tactics to attract customers to your brand, not to Amazon. 

Offer unique products and customer service, create a strong brand identity, attract a following on social media, create a website, write email newsletters, and create an influencer marketing strategy.


Drives More Sales


All of these benefits will lead to an increase in sales and traffic on Amazon. In 2021, sellers sold over 3.9 billion products on Amazon. But don’t forget that good branding also has a major impact on sales volume.

All of these off-channel marketing tactics will show results on Amazon. Your SERP performance will improve and you’ll attract more devoted customers to your storefront.


What to Know About Increasing Outside Traffic on Amazon


While driving traffic off Amazon is an effective strategy, there’s a chance that your efforts may fail. For example, if a user searches Google, convincing them to visit your Amazon page can be difficult. 

It’s best to know some expert tips to ensure you can still attract leads.


Amazon Should Be Your Top Sales Channel


Amazon still leads the e-commerce landscape, so you should use this as your main sales channel.

 You can still attract outside traffic on Amazon and generate revenue from secondary sales channels, such as Etsy or eBay, and attract organic leads through a website or landing page.

Use these other channels, plus numerous marketing tactics, to complement your Amazon sales. All marketing should also lead back to Amazon, specifically email newsletters, Google Shopping, and marketing on your social media channels.


Improve Your Product Listings


Sellers have quite a few restrictions when marketing on Amazon, but your product listings are one of the few places you have full control. 

To make your product listings stand out, include high-quality visuals; while product pictures are necessary, include graphs, infographics, and videos. When taking pictures, include different angles and close-ups. 

Write high-quality, keyword-optimized descriptions that give customers a reason to buy your product. Use A/B testing tools to determine which written and visual content converts leads and drives more traffic on Amazon.


How to Increase Outside Traffic on Amazon


There are many ways you can promote your store and products outside of Amazon. These are some of the most effective tactics.




There are many reasons why e-commerce companies and other businesses invest in PPC. This tactic generates twice as many visitors as SEO, since your ads come before organic search results. 

And since there’s a chance your competitors already use PPC, investing in ads will increase your brand awareness and sales even more.

Fortunately, you have many PPC and advertising opportunities. Google is a popular place to post your ads, especially your sponsored products on Shopping. You can also advertise on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and other channels to drive more traffic on Amazon.

But without the right strategy, PPC can get expensive. Research keywords that will attract leads and use A/B testing to ensure your images and ad copy will convert.


Social Media


Since the average user spends two hours and 30 minutes on social media platforms, this is another easy way to drive outside traffic on Amazon. 

To attract your social media following to your Amazon profile, post your product photos with a subtle CTA. Include links to your Amazon store in the comments or encourage your users to find your Amazon store on the “link in bio.”

You can also collaborate with those in your niche with a large following and engagement rate to take advantage of influencer and affiliate marketing.




Everyone likes free stuff. Social media giveaways are an effective way to drive outside traffic on Amazon. But are giveaways successful? Instagram accounts that host giveaways grow 70% quicker than ones that don’t.

That said, you must ensure your giveaway follows all social media guidelines and local sweepstake laws. 

For example, some regions only allow product giveaways up to a certain dollar amount. Because of many social media sweepstake scams, many platforms aren’t allowing even legitimate brands to host a giveaway.

That said, there are other effective platforms to host your giveaway, including your own website. And don’t forget to collaborate with influencers to attract more participants.




70% of customers love receiving coupons. That’s why Amazon coupons are an effective outreach method. After making your Amazon promotional code, promote it on your website, social media, and email newsletter.


Drive More Traffic on Amazon


While Amazon is the main channel e-commerce stores should target, sellers should also try to make a name outside of Amazon

This not only increases your sales but improves your brand awareness, enhances your Amazon SERP performance, diversifies your customers, and makes your store more competitive.

You can also drive more outside traffic on Amazon by using different marketing methods such as PPC and social media. Don’t forget to add giveaways and coupons to your strategy.

Do you need help creating any of these campaigns? If so, take a look at our Accelerator service.



Julia Valdez
Julia Valdez

Julia Valdez is a professional teacher and long-time lover of the art of words on paper and the stage. She has an entrepreneurial heart and spends most of her time doing marketing and management, freelance content writing, volunteer work, and sharing lots of laughs over little crazy things.



Stephanie Jensen
Stephanie Jensen

Stephanie Jensen has been writing e-commerce content for seven years, and her copy has helped numerous stores rank on Amazon. Follow her on LinkedIn for more insight into freelance writing and creating high-quality content.

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