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The buy box, you’ve heard of it. How can you win it on Walmart? This is one of the key features you’ll need to succeed in the world of online retail. Not only that, but you’ll also need a proper Walmart repricer tool.

A pricing software allows you to manage your Walmart pricing strategy. It’ll allow you to outperform competitors, and make the most of holidays and seasonal sales.

Let’s explore how a Walmart repricer works. We’ll learn how to use it to drive your profit margins, and how it can help you win the Walmart Buy Box.


What is the Walmart Buy Box?

The buy box is a feature on Walmart’s marketplace that allows a seller’s product to be prominently displayed on the product page. If you know the Amazon Buy Box, then you’ll know how this feature works. 

The buy box features the ‘best product’ in the “add to cart” button. Walmart selects the top offer among sellers that sell the same product. Winning the Buy Box can significantly increase your sales and  visibility on Walmart. But first, you must earn it.

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How to Win The Buy Box 

To win the Buy Box, Walmart sellers must meet several criteria set by Walmart. The primary factors determining the Buy Box winner include:

  • Competitive prices. Walmart’s algorithm favors lower prices, but it also considers the overall value, including shipping costs.
  • Shipping Speed and Reliability. Fast and reliable shipping options are essential. Sellers with quicker delivery times and reliable shipping methods are more likely to win the buy box.
  • Stock Availability. Consistently maintaining adequate Walmart inventory levels ensures that the product can be fulfilled quickly.
  • Seller Performance. Walmart evaluates seller performance metrics such as order defect rate, on-time delivery rate, and customer reviews. 


When multiple sellers offer the same product, the buy box winner often appears on the product page as the default option for customers to add to their cart. 

walmart buy box

Walmart Marketplace Repricer

A repricer tool analyses and optimizes pricing strategies to increase the chances of winning the Buy Box, while maintaining profitability.

Given the amount of online sellers you must compete with, winning the buy box is no easy task. Luckily, to help Walmart brands compete for the Buy Box, you can acces a unique Walmart repricing software

Think of it as a Walmart price adjustment helper. The Marketplace Repricer automatically updates your pricing strategy for submitted products, based on competitor pricing and performance. 


Walmart Repricer Limitations

It’s important to note that using the Walmart Marketplace repricer does not guarantee to win the buy box. Walmart uses multiple factors to determine the winner. For example: pricing, shipping speed, stock availability, and seller performance. 

While the repricer can help optimize pricing, it is only one part of the equation.

Additionally, price adjustments always have delays. With millions of offers and users constantly submitting new prices and products, delays are inevitable. This makes it crucial for sellers to select their strategy and parameters smartly and monitor the Walmart price tracker regularly.

walmart repricing software

Best Practices for Using Walmart’s Repricer

  • Set a Minimum Price. This price should ensure that you still profit or at least break even. Be careful not to below that set price, and not to violate your supplier’s Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) requirements.
  • Select a Starting Regular Price. This is the price the repricer will revert to if there is no competition. Make sure this price is competitive but also sustainable for your business.
  • Adjust Price Competitively. Set your repricer to be at least 10 cents below the competition, ideally going closer to $1 or more, or at least 2%. Setting your price just a cent below may not be significant enough for Walmart to consider it a factor in determining the buy box winner.
  • Consider Using WFS. Utilize Walmart Fulfillment Services to ship and store your products. This will ensure that your offer has the best Walmart shipping option.
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Managing the Repricer Tool

Given the complexity and competitiveness of  the Walmart marketplace, it is essential for sellers to use a smart strategy when setting up their repricer tool. 

Companies like GeekSeller offer Walmart Repricer integration, which helps manage the repricer, monitor price changes, and analyze them. This integration can assist sellers in making informed decisions and staying competitive in the marketplace. 

By leveraging these Walmart tools and continuously monitoring their performance, sellers can improve their chances of winning the buy box and achieving greater success as a Walmart seller.



Daniel Sodkiewicz began as a software engineer, earning his BS and MS in Computer Science from City College of New York. He was running a web design studio in NYC for eight years. Now in Austin, TX, he is working with retail and e-commerce sellers and has been running GeekSeller for almost nine years.

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