Teikametrics Product Review, Pricing, and Recommendations

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Teikametrics is an Amazon software management suite created to provide insights to maximize your sales. This tool is easy to use and offers a range of features that make Teikametrics stand out.  We’ve prepared this Teikametrics product review so you can learn more about this amazing tool!

Teikametrics has helped all kinds of brands increase their profitability and sales by optimizing their Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands campaigns with keyword automation and algorithmic bidding.  

Teikametrics is available in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, U.K., Germany, Italy and Spain.

Take a look at the features this software provides and find out if Teikametrics is right for your business.

Teikametrics Key Features

Here are some of the basic features of this great tool:

  • Algorithmic Bidding Optimization: An algorithmic keyword bidding solution that gives you access to the best level of optimization based on machine learning.
  • Profit Analysis Tools: Track your profitability individually or as account-level. You can see all fees, promotions, and advertising at any given time. Check what your actual profit is and set maximum bids to advertise products effectively.
  • Keyword Automation: Increase your keyword game. Automate and speed up your process to boost efficiency, sales and product visibility.
  • Reporting Tools: Gather specific insights in real-time. You can get customized reports for your specific targets.
  • FBA Overview Dashboard: You can visualize detailed breakdowns of your ACoS, sales volume, total profits, etc. You can also forecast and track functionality.
  • PPC management/Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands optimization: Compare organic sales with PPC sales to make better decisions for your campaign.

Teikametrics Flywheel

The Teikametrics Flywheel helps launch and increase your product’s profitability. Flywheel provides insights focusing on factors like product launches. It allows you to analyze your advertising expenses. Flywheel compares organic- and ad-derived sales data to help you improve your PPC strategy.

Flywheel allows you to filter or sort opportunities by SKU or product type. You can also track your monthly progress to mitigate risks, while you can find valuable opportunities. Its main focus is on making your Amazon strategy as efficient as possible by removing everything you don’t need and reducing costs.

Flywheel’s algorithm analyzes the data by using machine learning to provide recommendations.

Flywheel allows you to do the following:

1.Improve advertising with sales data

Flywheel considers every data point from new sales to optimize your Amazon advertising campaign. Create momentum for your business.

2. Use data Science to improve ads

Flywheel’s algorithm optimizes data using top-class machine learning that improves conversions and lowers your cost.

3. Boost Sales, Organic Traffic and Reviews

Flywheel will allow you to find more buyers.

Your performance metrics of your products are available for both ad and organic sales. Flywheel will also continue to work even when you are away.

Teikametrics Sponsored Products Optimizer

The Teikametrics sponsored products optimizer tool helps you make your campaigns of Amazon sponsored products more effective.

The sponsored products optimizer allows you to:

1. Create successful targeted campaigns

You can decide to have Teikametrics’ experts help create advertising campaigns that meet your individual business goals.

2. Discover profitable keywords

Forget about looking for keywords manually. This tool will find the most profitable keywords opportunities on Amazon for you.

3. Set bids on auto-pilot

You no longer have to adjust bids again in Seller Central. This tool’s Algorithmic automation enables you to get the best placement.

Teikametrics Reporting

As we mentioned before, Teikametrics provides you with the opportunity to customize your reports based on your own specific goals. That way, you can track your progress or identify the areas that need to improve.

For example, you can get settlement reports that can be segmented to show you which are the products and subcategories that had a specific profit margin. You can also get just a report to track your best-selling products.

Working with Teikametrics Analysts

All features mentioned above, along with their functions, can be managed by using the software alone. But, some sellers have found that setup and maintenance easier by working directly with Teikametrics’ analysts, which you have the option to do.

It does increase the price for Teikametrics when compared to tools that don’t offer the possibility of working with a team of experts.

it’s worth mentioning Teikametrics has an extremely skilled and dedicated team and the extra investment will be worth it. Especially, if you don’t have the time to invest in keeping up with the software.

Teikametrics’ team is comprised of  over 20 e-commerce analysts that partner with sellers. Teikametrics’ analysts will try to understand your business goals to build performance campaigns so your business continues to expand. 

How Much Does Teikametrics Cost?

The cost to get Teikametrics can vary a lot, depending on what services you’re looking for and the size of your business. Although, we should mention it is a meaningful investment, so make sure it is what you’re looking for.

Other Teikametrics users have stated that the software is worth it, despite the high price thanks to its quality and results. However, this may not be the tool for you if you run a small business that still struggles to manage the price. Smaller seller can go for a cheaper option while their numbers grow on Amazon.

If you’re a large seller turning over large volumes, then you’ll definitely need an optimization tool. Teikametrics is one of the better optimized tools out there and it’s easy to use.

The prices below are only for the software package. Your monthly fees will vary depending on your monthly spending on ads:

Teikametrics pricing

There’s also the option of going for the software package and the managed services. The price starts from $1,800 per month:

Note that these prices are based on sales volumes, so they can go up to $2,499 if you’re handling a big amount of products.

If you’re not sure about the pricing, you can get in touch with Teikametrics and ask for a custom quote based on the size and needs of your business.

In Conclusion

Teikametrics is a powerful, easy-to-use software tool and an accurate solution for bigger Amazon businesses. It guarantees to make your business more profitable by optimizing your Amazon sponsored products bids, getting rid of wasteful ads from your PPC campaigns, and it also helps you identifying valuable new opportunities.

It’s one of the only tools in the field that has the extra value of the human factor, which is a major selling point for some. Sellers can have someone to contact at the end of a phone call, live chat, or email at any given time. The team of experts can give advice or tips on how to use a specific function to make sure you use Teikametrics to its full potential.

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