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Amazon might owe you money due to Amazon FBA refunds. Unfortunately, you probably aren’t getting your refunds if you don’t know how to ask for them. Luckily, we can help you with that.

Amazon FBA is a great service, no doubt about it. The marketplace handles all your inventory control, order fulfillment, and customer returns so you can concentrate on sourcing products and running your business. 

However, when something goes wrong—your products are lost or damaged, customer returns mishandled, you have overcharged an FBA service fee—you are owed.

You might think, “okay, if I’m why does Amazon still owe me money? Shouldn’t I just get Amazon FBA refunds automatically?” But that’s not always how it works. 


Does Amazon Owes You Money?


To see if you have been issued refunds, look at the Payments report in your Seller account. Then, check the transactions view search by Balance Adjustment or FBA Reimbursement to see if you’ve received any.

Whether you’ve received Amazon FBA refunds automatically or not (and the only way to know is to continually look to see if refunds were issued), there may be other instances where Amazon mistakes or discrepancies justify refunds that you aren’t getting. 

How would you know? You don’t, unless you make an effort to look for them. And then, once you’ve found them, you must submit refund claims. 

Claims must be filed with certain departments (otherwise they’re automatically rejected) and within certain deadlines that start at the time of the occurrence (most allow for 18 months, but some have only a 90-day window). 

If that sounds like a recordkeeping nightmare, it certainly can be. To explain how to avoid such a big headache and get the money Amazon owes, let’s first take a closer look at what refunds are, how you find them, and what’s the best way to get them.

Amazon FBA Refunds Explained

Amazon FBA Refunds Explained


You are owed Amazon FBA refunds if: 

  • Products are lost or damaged under Amazon’s care at the warehouse.
  • Products are lost or damaged during shipping.
  • Amazon miscredits customer returns. 
  • Your FBA fees are overcharged, based on incorrect product dimensions.


Your product has to meet all FBA Inventory and product requirements. 

Here’s what you need to be eligible for FBA refunds: 

  • Items must meet FBA Inventory and product requirements.
  • The product in question must be properly registered with FBA.
  • Your FBA selling account must be in normal status when you file your claim.
  • The claim is not for defects or damage done by a customer.


Note that the product cannot be disposed of at your request. 


How Do You Find Potential Amazon FBA Refunds?


Unfortunately, if you are looking for FBA refunds yourself, you have to stay on top of your inventory and shipment records to look for possible errors. 

You’d have to do a ‘refund search’ every month, which is time-consuming and tedious. Plus, you’d then have to go through the additional task of properly filing claims. The more SKUs you have, the more of a bother this whole process becomes.

So, is it worthwhile to put that much extra work into looking for your Amazon FBA refunds? It could be. 

FBA refunds represent on average anywhere from 1% to 3% of your annual revenues. If you’re a million-dollar seller, that’s $10,000 to $30,000. The more you make, the greater your potential loss from unclaimed refunds.

So, how could you know for sure if you don’t want to take on this time-consuming task yourself?

You could hire someone to audit your Seller account for Amazon FBA refunds, or hire a third-party service like Getida to do it. Hiring someone adds expense with no guarantee the refunds you recover justify the additional overhead. 

Getida Helps Grow Your Business

How Getida Helps Grow Your Business


The first step in getting your Amazon FBA refunds is a review of the past 18 months of your Seller Account. Getida software reports its findings to an easy-to-read dashboard for you to view any unrefunded lost, damaged, or destroyed inventory, as well as possible FBA overcharges. 

If you decide to proceed, Getida’s Amazon FBA claim management team submits claims and follows up until resolution. Getida is successful on average 90% of the claims it opens.

There’s no risk and no fee to do this. The only fee you incur is a percentage of successful claims. Plus you don’t pay anything for the first $400 recovered in Amazon FBA refunds.

Getida takes the pain out of getting back your money from Amazon FBA refunds, money you can reinvest back into your business and expand your success.



Getida is a company founded to help Amazon sellers grow their businesses by finding and recovering their Amazon FBA refunds, with no-hassle, no-risk accuracy and reliability. Getida is an authorized Amazon selling partner and a member of the exclusive Amazon Emerald program.

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