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As an Amazon seller, you know that product listings can make or break a sale. And Amazon bullet points play a big part in customer conversions.

Catchy titles drive customers towards the offer; compelling descriptions transform visits into sales; and bullet points in listings sit right at the crossroads of the buying decision.

These are detailed spaces which highlight the key benefits of a product. Think of them as ‘value hooks’ designed to entice the customer’s curiosity.

Today, we’ll answer all your questions about Amazon bullet points. And to top it off, we’ll share the best tips to craft successful listing descriptions on Amazon.


What are Amazon Bullet Points?


Let’s keep in mind that these must be short, to-the-point summaries of a product’s best features. They help buyers make shopping decisions, or at least encourage them to learn more about a product.

Let’s say you are selling hair conditioners. You can use bullets to highlight the product’s size, eco-friendly ingredients, and long-term health benefits.

So, basically, they should tell users why the product is worth their money, and what makes it the better solution to their needs.

Brands can include up to 5 bullet points per listing. For vendors, the limit is 10 bullet points.

You can find them under the “About this item” section, below the product’s title and alongside product images.

Each bullet point can hold up to 500 characters. Therefore, it’s crucial for sellers to take advantage of bullet points wisely.

Source: Seller Central


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The Benefits of Amazon Bullet Points


Customers make buying decisions rather quickly. It does not take them long to decide if they want to stay on a product listing, or move on. The most appealing bullet points can convince users that they are in the right place.

Plus, Amazon bullet points are also a great tool to boost visibility.

How so? Sellers can write compelling points using high-rated keywords. And as you include more terms in your listings, you’ll also boost your search ranks.


bullet points amazon

But let’s not get ahead. It takes more than summarizing benefits, or including keywords, to craft engaging Amazon bullet points.


How to Write Amazon Bullet Points


Amazon has a few seller guidelines for writing effective bullet points. Here are the key guidelines to follow:

  • Make sure each bullet point starts with capital letters.
  • Use letters and numbers only. HTML coding is not recommended.
  • Avoid writing about product pricing, shipping or promos.
  • Focus on item facts and features. Avoid any marketing-related content.
  • Stick to the 500-character limit on each bullet point.

 Note that failure to comply with these guidelines may get your listing flagged for review.


How to add Amazon Bullet Points


Sellers can include bullet points while creating or editing Amazon product listings.

Follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to Seller Central, and go to your product listing.
  2. Once in the Fix Your Products page, click on “Edit draft.”
  3. Open the “Description” tab, and go to “Key Product Features.”
  4. Select “Add more” to submit your bullet points in the 5 key features fields available.

This is only the final step in the process. Now, let’s review what it takes to create effective Amazon points.


how to add bullet points on seller central



What Makes Great Amazon Bullet Points?


Great bullet points follow Amazon’s guidelines, but they also go the extra mile. Remember, you have a very limited space to delight users. So, every word’s got to count.

Here are 4 tips to help you create great Amazon bullet points:


1. Search Engine Optimization


You’ve heard about the Amazon A9 algorithm. This AI tool reviews several areas of your product listings to rank them on Amazon search. One of the most important tenets is keywords.

Amazon customers use keywords to find specific items in the marketplace. The better the keyword match, the better chance they have of finding your products.

But don’t try to stuff your bullets with as many terms as possible. Go about it the creative way:

  •  Select 10 to 20 highly relevant keywords to use on Amazon bullet points.
  • Try to use one to two keywords per sentence. Make them fit in an organic way, so customers can have an easy read.
  • Avoid repetition. It’s not necessary to repeat keywords in a single space. In fact, Amazon may flag our listings when you do this.
  • Try to put keywords in high-ranking areas. For example, a listing that has a keyword in its title will perform better than if the keyword was in the description.

It’s crucial to make the most of your keywords in Amazon bullet points. That will improve your search placement in the marketplace.


2.    Deliver Great Content


The Amazon A9 algorithm favors product listings with high-conversion rates. But it takes more than SEO to make a sale. This is where great content makes a difference.

Customer delight is your first priority. So, take note of the following tenets when you write your bullet points:

  • Tell users about the advantages of your offer. Deliver some technical details, but also get creative. Let customers know how you can help them improve their lives.
  • Stick to the facts and avoid inflated claims. Bullet points should not seem like marketing slogans. Don’t declare that your product is the best – users will make that decision.
  • In the same vein, any certification claims must be backed up with visible proof.

Many Amazon users don’t read beyond the title and bullet points. That’s why it’s crucial to deliver as much information as possible from the get-go.


3.    Stay within the Character Limit


The Amazon bullet point character limit is 500. But the best Amazon points fall way below those limits.

Amazon recommends writing around 1,000 characters for all five bullets. That amounts to 250 characters per bullet point.

It’s also important to keep a similar length between bullet points. Keep it nice, clean and easy to read.

And do not leave blank bullet points. List the 5 key features in each bullet, and expand on them in an attractive way.

Sticking to short, on-point messages improves readability. Not only that, but customers will learn about your product’s best highlights in only a few seconds.


4.    Market Research


Search for your competitors’ listings on Amazon and read their bullet points. Take note of the product features they highlight.

To take things further, compare the bullet points with off-Amazon content. Go into the product manufacturer’s site, or any other retail website.

From here, you can filter out the most used bullet points among the competition.

This approach will help you narrow down the features you should highlight to customers. It will also help you organize your own bullet points.


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A Few Extra Tips


We’ve established the importance of bullet points for Amazon product listings. However, that is only one small part of the whole deal.

Customers not only look for clear product descriptions, they also want to see how a product works. Here, images and reviews are a seller’s best allies.


Product Listing Images


As with Amazon points, your images should communicate the product’s benefits right off the bat. Brands should include 5-8 images besides Amazon bullet points.


tips for bullet points on amazon


You can use each image to showcase the information within the bullet points. That will present a complete picture of the product’s features. Plus, it’ll keep customers engaged.


Here are a few more guidelines to comply with:


  • Image size should be 2000 by 2000 pixels. This ensures a good experience for the customer if they need to zoom in to your image.
  • The product itself should cover around 85% of the image space.
  •  Show only the information that’s included in the listing.
  • Include supporting text that helps customers know more about the product.
  • Avoid watermarks, borders or any kind of decoration.


Customer Reviews


Reviews show what customers like. They also advise new customers if they should spend their money on a specific offer.

Now, it’s not easy getting customer reviews, especially for new sellers. Here, the trick is to offer great customer service.

To do so, you should strive to deliver great buying experiences. This translates to quality items, fast delivery, and clear communication.

Let customers know you are there to solve any doubts regarding the sales process. And once they get the item, encourage them to write some feedback on Amazon.

As you get more positive feedback, your listings will rise in the search ranks. Combine this with proper keyword research and content management. With dedication, you’ll be at the top in no time.


Final Thoughts


Great sellers invest in crafting compelling product listings for customers. That includes writing engaging Amazon bullet points.

Yes, bullet points are simple, but never assume customers dismiss them. Amazon points are the first piece content users’ notice, right after the product title.

And oftentimes, Amazon bullet points can be the spark that turns visitors into buyers. So, don’t overlook their importance to your success.

Use this little piece of content to frame the product’s value to customers. With a bit of dedication, you’ll be on track to writing conversion-worthy Amazon bullet points.



Esteban Muñoz is an SEO copywriter at AMZ Advisers, with several years’ experience in digital marketing and e-commerce. Esteban and the AMZ Advisers team have been able to achieve incredible growth on the Amazon platform for their clients by optimizing and managing their accounts and creating in-depth content marketing strategies.

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