Amazon Black Friday 2022 Sale: Quick Tips for Sellers and Shoppers

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Amazon Black Friday 2022 will be one of the biggest shopping events of the year and it’s just around the corner! However, with the constant changes in supply chains, the retail giant has been releasing amazing deals since October 2021  at record-low prices to prevent any delays in deliveries, as the Holiday season approaches.

The economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly shaped shopper preferences and we could be witnessing a drastic change in this 2022 Black Friday sale and in the years to come.

In this article, we will talk about the strategies that Amazon has implemented to motivate sellers and buyers, for already a couple of months, to anticipate the peak of the 2022 Christmas season.

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About The 2022 Amazon (Early) Black Friday Deals


Amazon Early black Friday deals banner

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As the big Amazon Black Friday sale draws near, we think it’s worth looking at the interaction shoppers started having from late September and early October to today.

Amazon, as other large retailers, have launched early Black Friday deals as an attempt to avoid any delays related to shipping and promote shopping before the holidays.

Shoppers can find deals on AirPods, laptops, toys, appliances and more from brands like Apple, Instant Pot, Sony, and Keurig.

Best Buy and Walmart also had early Black Friday discounts on products from the tech, home, and fashion departments.

Additionally, with Epic Daily Deals, Amazon has been motivating buyers to advance their purchases so their deliveries are not affected by the imminent changes in the supply chain.


How Long Do Black Friday Sales Last?


Black Friday officially starts right after Thanksgiving, so this year it will be on November 25h.

Then, Black Friday is followed by Cyber Monday on November 28, 2022.

Once Cyber Monday starts, Black Friday is officially over. This means, the best discounts are usually limited to these days and the weekend between them. Although it is possible that some discounts will continue to be available for the entire week, that does not guarantee there will be enough stock by then.

Also, with early Black Friday deals starting ahead of time, the start of the official sale is not necessarily a main concern for buyers on Amazon. Although, it is worth knowing that new deals start at 12:01 AM PST, so that’s the perfect time to check what’s new.

Monitoring deals on Amazon can be exhausting, but knowing when new deals are posted, what you could do is check the new deals from 12:01 AM Friday November 26 until the end of the day.

Since that’s the official day of the sale it’s very likely you’ll find the best bargains on that day.


Amazon Deals: Black Friday vs Prime Day


Amazon has another day full of sales and discounts in the summer: Amazon Prime Day, so which day is better to shop? It’s a reasonable question, especially when you’re trying to find a good offer on something big. It actually comes down to what kind of products you want to purchase.

Prime Day is great if you’re looking to buy devices like the Kindle or Echo Dot. Amazon Black Friday sales tend to be faster and it is easier to find deals and amazing prices on Apple devices, for example, and other best-selling products.

A big difference is the Prime program in itself.

On Prime Day, only Prime members can take advantage of these sales. Deals and discounts on Amazon Black Friday apply to all shoppers, so no need for signing up to Prime.

Source: TechRadar


What Amazon Black Friday Deals Do We Expect to See?


It is true that Amazon will use Black Friday as an excuse to promote important savings on its own devices and the deals usually for best -selling products by known brands.

For example, customers can find deals for Apple products like MacBooks and iPads or vacuum cleaners from Dyson and Shark, and even KitchenAid and NutriBullet appliances.

Tech is a category that is worth checking out, because tech giants like Apple and Samsung launch new gadgets every year, so it is very possible to find older generation gadgets with great discounts.

If you’ve been thinking about getting an Apple Watch Series 6 or the Series SE, we’ve seen the price decrease at a steady pace. Should we be anticipating the Apple Watch Series 7? Maybe! Keep an eye out for sales on the previous models. We can also expect these types of price drops on Samsung Galaxy Watch models.


Holiday Gifts Amazon section

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To help you navigate the many sales you can start finding on Amazon now, here is a list of quick links to start:


How Can Amazon Sellers Take Advantage of The Early Black Friday Sale


As we mentioned before, this year Amazon went all-in with its Early Black Friday Deals.


Early black Friday Deals landing page Amazon

Image source: Amazon

The layout of the page even makes it easier to find the right deal by just clicking on the menu below the main banner.  These are all the categories that shoppers can find there:

  1. Shop All Deals
  2. Top Brands
  3. Amazon Devices
  4. Computers & Video Games
  5. Home & Seasonal
  6. Fashion
  7. TVs & Home Audio
  8. Amazon Brands
  9. Gift Guides
  10. Toys & Games
  11. Kitchen
  12. Headphones
  13. Beauty
  14. Health & Personal Care
  15. Cell Phones & Accessories
  16. Home Improvement & Tools
  17. Furniture
  18. Sports & Outdoors
  19. Smart Home
  20. Camera
  21. Automotive
  22. Grocery
  23. Baby Products
  24. Pet Products
  25. Coupons
  26. Lightning Deals
  27. Office Products
  28. Musical Instruments
  29. Business & Industrial
  30. Luggage
  31. Books


The cool thing about Black Friday Deals is that it gives sellers the opportunity to offer and sell their slow-moving items faster. Yes, the Christmas season allows shoppers to indulge in a guilty treat that they have been saving money for.

But also, it is an opportunity to give or send gifts to family, colleagues and friends.

Therefore, the categories that allow shoppers to buy gifts in bulk are also among the most sought after this season.



What Can Small Brands on Amazon Do to Prepare for These Big Events?


Unsurprisingly, on Amazon, small brands also have a disadvantage when standing against larger brands or sellers. Therefore, it is not so easy for them to offer crazy discounts left and right.

Here’s some advice from our founders on the eve of Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2022:

Black Friday and Cyber Monday on Amazon is typically not worth it for small brands, especially with supply chain issues yet to resolve themselves. Giving away big discounts on top of Amazon fees, dealing with 50%+ increases on CPCs, and low CVRs in the build up just end up taking cash out of your business.

And cash flow is going to be key over the next 6+ months.

Unless you’re sitting on massive quantities of inventory or have large marketing budgets – don’t kill yourself on margin just to have a good deal on Amazon.You’re better off rewarding your current customer base through your website – or even with a group promo code on Amazon that you email to them.

Acquiring customers means nothing right now if you don’t have cash to reinvest into inventory or even have cash flow in the coming months to pay your businesses expenses. Don’t force kill yourself (or business) trying to compete against $1m+ ad budgets if you’re only spending $10k or less a month.

Stay smart instead – and make sure your business makes it through to next year…besides, if you’re entire business depends on Q4 sales – you may want to reevaluate your situation.

Mike Begg, Founder, CMO, and Chief Strategist at AMZ Advisers


How to prepare for Black Friday: Quick Tips for Shoppers


Your shopping can go a lot smoother if you already know what you’re looking for first of all, it’s a good idea to make a list. Black Friday has some of the lowest prices of the year, so make your list comprehensive. 

Because you’ll find the best deals, it is possible that retailers limit the availability of items to which the deal applies. The best deals end up running out very fast.

Before shopping, make sure that your payment and shipping information are up to date so you can check out without any issues. Also, don’t forget about the benefits you could use with your credit cards, remember some of them offer extended guarantees or other advantages.

It’s not necessary to be a Prime member to get Black Friday deals. However, the subscription does get you free two-day shipping, and a bunch of other benefits, like Prime Gaming, Prime Video, and Amazon’s Lightning deals.

So, if you want to give it a try for a Black Friday sale, you can sign up for a free trial that lasts one month. The best day to sign up for a free trial or to renew your Prime subscription would be November 1, so you can have access to the early deals as well and avoid any shortage in products. 


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Closing Thoughts


The week before Black Friday is one of the busiest and most sought after for shoppers. Therefore, as a seller, this is your opportunity to increase your visibility by offering attractive discounts and improving your customer service with the best marketing strategies.

And since customer service and deliveries must be of the highest quality, we suggest you opt for Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) to avoid damaging your performance metrics.

If you would like to learn more about how to boost your sales on Amazon for the 2021 Christmas season, contact our team of experts!

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