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Sellozo is an Amazon advertising and repricing tool that is designed to provide sellers with help managing their Amazon sales channels. The primary product that Sellozo offers is its Amazon advertising automation tool which utilizes the average cost of sales metrics to optimize your advertised bidding and performance.

Their stated focus is “to help sellers grow by providing tools and consulting to help them understand what it’s like to be an Amazon Seller.”

We’re going to take a deeper look at some of the features of the software and how it can help you as an Amazon Seller.

Advertising Automation

Sellozo claims to help sellers remove the complexity of advertising on Amazon. Sellozo can help you save time by reducing the amount of analysis and bid adjustments you need to make to your Amazon advertising campaigns.

The advertising tool optimizes campaigns by setting an ACoS target and helps you hit the target by adjusting your campaign bids and making keywords suggestions. The tool also helps by taking your best-performing keywords and automatically linking them to a manual campaign. It will then create negative keywords to help you prevent your automatic campaigns to continue spending on keywords that have already been identified as profitable.

Their Campaign Data Studio is an easy way to create keyword optimization flows to different campaigns and can help you visualize the optimization process. They also conveniently track your keyword changes on a daily basis with a journal log so you can look back and see exactly what their tool is doing to optimize your advertising campaigns. 

Sellozo also provides one-on-one coaching sessions and troubleshooting to help you get the most out of your advertising account.

Business Analytics

Sellozo also has a suite of tools designed to help you understand how your business performs on Amazon. You can quickly connect your MWS API to view your overall sales performance and how it relates to your advertising performance.

The tool helps you identify which products are the most profitable and which are costing you the most on Amazon. This can help you shift your advertising spend to the most profitable products and grow your bottom line.

The reporting provides an in-depth breakdown of your Amazon fees and how it affects your overall profitability. It also shows how your advertising contributes to total sales on Amazon and to the growth of your sales.

Product Repricing

Another tool that Sellozo offers is a product repricing tool. The repricing tool will update the price of your products on Amazon based on the criteria that you set. This can be extremely useful if you are selling on listings that have more than one offer and is a nice extra tool that they provide, considering that other Amazon software companies sell this tool on its own.

The repricing tool also helps you view how well you are winning the Buy Box on the listing over a specific time period. Their repricing tool claims to be the fastest Amazon repricer availableand can help you maximize your profit without going outside of your minimum or maximum price range.

Our Review

We’ve had the pleasure of using Sellozo for some of our clients. The tool is simple to use and can be implemented by any Amazon Seller within a matter of minutes. With that being said, we do believe that there are a few positives and negatives about this tool.

What We Like

The thing we really liked about the Sellozo tool was that it’s largely hands-off. Once you connect the account and set your ACoS targets, the tool can do the rest of the work for you. Connecting your Amazon MWS API can also provide some great reporting on how your overall Amazon business is doing.

  • Simplicity. It is easy to get setup.
  • Automation. Automatically changes bids creates new keywords, and even new campaigns.
  • Results. It can help you hit your ACoS targets quickly.
  • Support. The team at Sellozo is very supportive and willing to have one-on-one calls whenever needed to address your concerns.
  • Pricing. The Sellozo tool is very affordable for anyone starting on Amazon.

What We Didn’t Like

Our main concern about the Sellozo platform was the lack of oversight and control over the keyword actions being taken compared to some of the competing products in the space. The full automation that the tool provides is great for saving time, but can also make things difficult to see exactly what is changing within the campaign.

This can lead to a lack of control on your bid adjustments and reduce the amount of spend you are looking for in certain campaign types. For example, a ranking campaign on Amazon that does not have the right ACoS target will reduce its spend on the keywords you are trying to rank for making it harder to get the sales you need.

  • Lack of control. Limited ability to set optimization rules.
  • Usefulness. The product is great for helping you achieve profitability, but not as strong for increasing overall sales through different advertising strategies.

Who Is Sellozo For?

Sellozo is great for sellers that are still learning how to advertise on Amazon. The tools and customer support they provide or the perfect start to help you grow your sales on the platform. It also does not require much technical capability or knowledge to get everything set up, meaning that the obstacles for you to start improving your advertising are extremely low.

We would recommend this tool for any seller looking to scale their advertising without getting too involved in the process. The low cost of the program can make it easy to recoup the money spent through the improved advertising performance. 

Sellozo is an advertising automation tool that any beginner can take advantage of to help them maximize their profits on Amazon and understand exactly what the cost of selling on Amazon really is.

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