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Amazon Moments is a way to get your customers more engaged with your brand by offering digital and physical rewards.

Being the biggest online global retailer, Amazon always tries to entice its customers. One of the ways they’re doing this is with Amazon Moments. More companies are using this feature–even Disney, and their net revenue increased nearly seven-fold.

But Amazon Moments doesn’t only increase sales. This program can widen your audience, entice customer actions, and reward new and existing buyers. Plus, Amazon automates many aspects of Moments, so setting up your program is easier than you think.

Now, before trying this feature, e-commerce companies should know all the features of this program, how to use it to increase sales, and how to measure your results.


What is Amazon Moments?


Amazon Moments is a rewards program where brands can offer incentives to their users. It was released in 2019, and is now available in over 100 countries.

To earn the rewards, buyers must complete “Moments,” which are incentivized actions. Examples of moments include watching a certain number of TV shows or movies on Prime Video, purchasing a subscription, or playing a mobile game.

Amazon Moments is more versatile than Amazon Seller Promotions, which brands may use to showcase products at a discounted price. Ecommerce companies can use Moments to increase sales, but entertainment companies reward users with gift cards or products.


Why Should You Use Amazon Moments?


Amazon Moments can benefit various brands. For ecommerce companies, Moments can apply when a customer purchases an item and signs up for a newsletter. 

Entertainment companies also offer Amazon Moments when users complete an action, such as winning a video game level. Some brands even use Moments to complete a survey or watch a commercial.

Sellers can also apply Amazon Moments to any action on an app, even downloading the app itself. This is but a taste of how Amazon Moments can benefit businesses. 

Plus, some ecommerce businesses use Moments to increase customer engagement, enhance conversions, and widen their audience. The program offers an easy way to accomplish business goals and track them.


How Amazon Moments Works


Access the console via Amazon Incentives to set up your campaign. You’ll be able to decide the actions your users must complete to receive their rewards and the incentives you’ll choose. It’s also possible to segment your audience by new and existing users.

If you want Moments to apply to your app or website, Amazon offers an API that developers can integrate into their existing platform.

Source: Amazon Moments webpage

What Rewards Can You Offer?


There are different rewards you can choose, which fall into two categories: 

  • Physical. Amazon handles physical rewards directly through their warehouse.
  • Digital. These can be credits, downloads, or Amazon gift card incentives.

When choosing rewards, remember that free items work better than discounts. Free perks attract more customers and are better for long-term business growth.

[Image of Amazon warehouse]

There are some restrictions to note, however. When selling physical products, you must choose items sold and fulfilled by Amazon. Plus, there are times when your rewards will go out of stock. In this case, Amazon will prove an alternative reward of similar value.

Can you offer your own products as a reward? You can, but they must be sold and fulfilled by Amazon. They don’t qualify if sold by individual sellers–even you!


Things to Know Before Trying Amazon Moments


Amazon Moments is an effective way to widen your reach and increase sales. But if you don’t approach an Amazon Moments campaign with a plan, you won’t get the desired results. 

Here are a few best practices when using Amazon Moments. 


Know Your Audience


Understanding your customers is integral to delivering the best rewards and perks. You’ll better identify their wants and needs, making your rewards more eye-catching to new and existing customers.

For example, if you own a game and use Amazon Moments to attract new and existing players, you’ll need to know which rewards will draw in more users and which actions they’re more willing to complete.

It’s also important to know how to target users at every sales funnel stage. For example, you can incentivize signing up for a newsletter for new leads and attach a reward to a product purchase for existing leads. 

How can you identify which items are more attractive to your audience? You can look at public wish lists to find the items most desired by your customers.


Don’t Forget Taxes and Shipping


Even though customers prefer free physical rewards, these products may come with additional shipping costs and taxes. Since these are free perks for customers, the e-commerce companies receive the bill.

Always include taxes and shipping costs in your Amazon Moments budget. Remember that these items will likely ship to Prime subscribers for free, but you’ll have to pay shipping costs for non-subscribers. 

Since Amazon Moments is available in various countries, consider if you should only offer digital rewards to international users.


A/B Test Your Rewards


Are you unsure which rewards will generate the best campaign results? You can always use A/B testing. Amazon allows brands to run A/B tests on various parts of their marketing and advertising campaigns, and you can apply these A/B tests to your rewards.

To run an A/B test, start by choosing two different rewards. One may be a physical product, such as a small electronic device, and the other may be a gift card. Run one reward for the entire duration of one campaign and run the second for the next campaign. 

Measure the results and continue using the reward that performs better.


How to Participate in Amazon Incentives


There’s only one step a brand must do after signing up for Amazon Incentives: set the action and reward.

From here, Amazon does the rest. They will ship any item that users win and provide the users with a URL if the prize is a gift card or coupon.


user and redemption messages
User and redemption messages (Source: Amazon Moments webpage)

All users can participate, regardless if they’re in your region. Since Amazon Moments is an international feature, users in all qualifying countries can participate.

There are some restrictions, however: 

  • All participants must have an Amazon account. 
  • All rewards have a 30-day expiration date after creating the campaign.




While Amazon Moments is an effective way to engage your audience, this program isn’t free. Amazon Moments operates on a cost-per-action (CPA) model, meaning you only pay if a user completes the required action.

Fortunately, brands can set their own prices–the lowest being $3 per action. However, the more expensive your CPA, the better your rewards will be. Brands have a $5,000/month campaign limit, and each Moments account can have $15,000 max.

The price you choose depends on the type of reward you offer. For example, brands that offer digital rewards may get away with a lower CPA. SO, You don’t have to worry about extra costs, such as shipping and taxes.




How can I promote my Amazon Moments campaign?

You can promote your Amazon Moments campaign anywhere, but most brands use their social media platforms and email marketing databases to inform customers.

Some customers may be concerned your campaign is a scam. To improve consumer trust, you can use the “Delivered Through Amazon” badge when promoting your rewards.


I’m on Amazon Moments, but I need help. Who do I contact for customer support?

You can contact Amazon Seller Support for help on your end and tell your customers to reach out to Amazon Customer Support if they’re experiencing any issues. 

If you’re using the Amazon API on your website or app, there may be a chance you’re having technical issues on your end. You may need to work with your web or app development company to find the solution.


My customer doesn’t like their reward. Can they return it?

Customers are eligible for reward returns if they return the item within the campaign period. The user can’t receive any returns if the campaign period is over.

For all returned rewards, the customer will receive an Amazon store credit. The credit can only be applied to the same category as the original perk if the reward was a discount. 


I want to offer a reward, but the brand trademarked many aspects of its advertising. What should I do?

You can include trademarked images and media in your campaign. Just ensure you link back to the original item, you only mention the brand and product when promoting your Moments campaign, and you can’t alter the logo or images. 

You should also avoid including any images that feature endorsed sponsors or influencers. 


Engage Your Customers With Amazon Moments


With Amazon Moments, you can engage your customers with free items or digital perks. The best part about Amazon Moments is it’s versatile. All website and app owners, including e-commerce companies, can use Amazon Moments.

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