Advertising Strategies for 6, 7 and 8 Figure Amazon Businesses

with Featured Guest Ritu Java of PPC Ninja

Ritu Java is the Co-Founder of PPC Ninja, a Seattle-based company that offers Amazon tools and services.  They help 6, 7, and 8 figure sellers maximize their profits on Amazon through smart advertising. 

She is accredited for Amazon Advertising and she has expertise in managing millions of dollars in ad spend.

In this interview, we discuss:

  • How to troubleshoot your data
  • Why you can’t sell on Amazon and ignore PPC
  • What Amazon sellers should know about PPC
  • If you want visibility, you will have to invest in marketing Do it well 
  • Different advertising strategies on Amazon 
  • What strategies work for sellers without a brand per se 
  • How to navigate the jungle of distractions that is Amazon 
  • Examples of different marketing approaches 
  • How PPC Ninja creates an advertising plan for a client and how to put into action 
  • Software & services 
  • What is a PPC Audit and how can it help you with turnover?
  • Difference between smaller sellers vs 6, 7 & 8 figure sellers?
  • What’s a budget mentality?
  • How to think outside the box when it comes to budgeting 
  • Scale and coverage for budgeting Learn the difference
  • How to start scaling these big businesses 
  • Go beyond keywords
  • Think about other targets
  • How to support your main ad types
  • How to distribute your ad types depending on the products you sell
  • Manage your advertising budget in a better way 
  • Max out your placements and generate sales 
  • Metrics 
  • Recommendations for Amazon new sellers
  • Get sales whether you have conversion rate history or not
  • How to set your flywheel in motion 
  • What goals a business should have 
  • How agencies and sellers can interact with their data
  • How to use your creative power to leverage your tools