Managing International Payments & Taxes as an eCommerce Seller

with Featured Guest Ben Stein of Payoneer

Ben Stein is the Payoneer Strategic Partnerships Manager for North America Payoneer is a cross border transaction platform that helps eCommerce sellers expand beyond borders and their own expectations.

Payoneer sits between the marketplaces and sellers themselves and helps with managing funds and payments so businesses can participate in the global economy.

In this interview, we discuss:

  • Bigger challenges ecommerce sellers have when selling online
  • There’s no cookie cutter when launching a product What should sellers consider? 
  • How to find the products that fit best for you 
  • What is the current situation of Ecommerce and how to navigate it
  • How sellers are diversifying how they ship and how they source 
  • How do sellers deal with taxes, transactions, bank accounts, etc in other countries 
  • How Payoneer helps sellers with international transactions and assistance
  • Payoneer partnerships 
  • Benefits of a Payoneer account
  • Take the first step to go beyond borders 
  • How to deal with operational challenges of selling in other countries It’s not as hard as you think 
  • Resources and vendors for sellers 
  • What to do with revenue from international sales: Keep it there or repatriate?
  • Transaction fees 
  • Advantages of international sales 
  • Conversion fees 
  • Tips to get lower fees
  • How do ecommerce sellers deal with VAT laws? 
  • Payoneer’s value propositions Save up on fees
  • How to navigate different banking and local issues 
  • Other ways to help sellers
  • COVID and supply chain interruptions 
  • The pandemic impact on Ecommerce and new marketplace selling trends
  • Accelerating trends on Ecommerce
  • Existing and new selling channels 
  • Is expanding to new channels mandatory? What marketplaces to consider trying
  • What factors contribute for a product to do well in another country
  • Tools to help sellers go global